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Eucalyptus Vs Cotton Bedsheets

Eucalyptus Vs Cotton Bedsheets

Cotton is in everything. Cotton bedsheets, cotton towels, cotton underwear, cotton shirts and so on. Cotton is so popular that the whole world produces 25 million tonnes of it, which causes a significant impact on our environment. 

Cotton's environmental impact: 

According to the Naturest, producing each kilogram of cotton requires 20,000 liters of water - Eucalyptus sheets only require up to 155 gallons of water per pound. Meaning that this switch could save 1035 days of drinking water.

One set of cotton sheets requires 27 KwH of energy - Eucalyptus can beat that as well, needing about 30% less energy and ultimately avoiding 31 miles of carbon emissions in its production process.

Eucalyptus Bedding is the solution:

Sustainability: Unlike cotton, eucalyptus grows quickly and requires no pesticides. The manufacturing process is even more eco-friendly since it requires less than half the amount of water as other fabrics and doesn't use toxic chemicals. The fabric of eucalyptus sheets is more breathable than cotton which results in less frequent washes.

Moisture-wicking: The fabric is quite absorbent and can reduce the amount of moisture. The advantage of using it for bedding is that hot sleepers will be able to enjoy a great sleeping experience free from heavy sweat. 70% more moisture-wicking than cotton.

Ultra-Soft & Hypoallergenic: Eucalyptus bedding is ultra-soft, with a silk-like feeling at a more affordable price than silk (and more sustainable). It's great for all skin types and people with sensitive skin. 

Longevity: The lyocell fibers are smooth & elastic and resist any wrinkles while also keeping clean for longer, meaning that products made with them will not be damaged by frequent washing or get ruined by regular use. 

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