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Tencel™ Natural Bedding: Better Than Cotton

Tencel™ Natural Bedding: Better Than Cotton
What are TENCEL™ fibers?

TENCEL™ is an innovative natural fiber made from the Eucalyptus tree. Produced by environmentally responsible processes that are sustainably sourced from natural, raw material wood of Eucalyptus trees.

TENCEL™ fibers are known for their natural comfort. They can be woven into many different materials such as cotton, polyester, acrylic, wool, and silk to enhance the quality and functionality of the fabric.

There are two different fibers, TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers and TENCEL™ Modal fibers. TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers deliver quality, performance, and versatility. Unique physical properties lead to their high tenacity profile, efficient moisture management, and gentleness to skin. TENCEL™ Modal fibers are vibrant in colors and are known for being super soft and gentle on the skin.


Benefits of TENCEL™

Sustainability & Eco-Friendly - TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers are derived from sustainable wood sources while TENCEL™ Modal fibers are manufactured from beechwood from sustainable forests. TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibers have earned the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) BioPreferred® designation.

Both TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibers are biodegradable and compostable so they can be released back to nature. The production of TENCEL™ fibers is environmentally conscious and has a closed-loop production process, which transforms wood pulp into cellulosic fibers with high resource efficiency and low ecological impact.

Long-lasting softness - TENCEL™ Modal fibers create a smooth surface and have high flexibility, resulting in a naturally soft quality of the textile. These fibers are twice as soft as cotton. The fibers have high flexibility and can withstand the wash and dry cycle.

Breathable and Cleaner - TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibers support body temperature regulating properties through their moisture management. These fibers are constructed to regulate the absorption and release of moisture. This also helps with reducing the number of bacteria that is produced in the bedding since there is less moisture.


TENCEL™ Bedding

SensibleRest® bedding products are designed and manufactured with TENCEL™ fibers. This unique Smartcel™ sensitive fiber guarantees that it is softer, more breathable, cleaner, and more sustainable than cotton. Put it all together and you have moisture-managing, antibacterial, and cooling sheets that remain fresh, even after repeated washing.

SensibleRest® blends the two TENCEL™ fibers creating an ultimately soft fabric to enhance comfort. Smooth to the touch and soft to the skin, TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers can naturally regulate your body temperature. Its highly breathable membrane keeps your skin feeling cool and dry, all night long.


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