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Why thread count is a scam

Why thread count is a scam
Thread count is a term used to describe the number of threads (or threads per square inch) in a piece of fabric, typically sheets or bedding. The higher the thread count, the softer and more luxurious the fabric is said to be. However, many experts argue that thread count is not a reliable indicator of the quality of a fabric, and that it's often used as a marketing gimmick to charge more for bedding.

One reason thread count is not a reliable indicator of quality is that it doesn't take into account the type of thread used. A high thread count made with thin, weak thread is not going to be as high quality as a lower thread count made with strong, high-quality thread. Additionally, manufacturers often use a variety of tricks to inflate the thread count, such as twisting multiple threads together to make them appear as a single thread.

Another problem with thread count is that it doesn't take into account the weave of the fabric. A fabric with a high thread count but a loose weave will not be as durable or long-lasting as a fabric with a lower thread count but a tighter weave.

Finally, thread count is not a good indicator of comfort. A high thread count does not necessarily mean a fabric will be soft or comfortable to sleep on. Factors such as the type of fibers used, the weight of the fabric, and the finish applied to the fabric all play a role in determining a fabric's softness and comfort level.

In conclusion, thread count is not a reliable indicator of the quality or comfort of a piece of bedding. Instead of focusing on thread count, consumers should look for bedding made with high-quality fibers, tight weaves, and a comfortable weight. Additionally, it’s not just the thread count that makes a fabric luxurious or comfortable, the type of thread, and the weave are also important factors. It’s always best to feel the fabric before buying and if possible, test it for a night or two in the store before making a purchase.

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