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NaturZinc® | What is it and it's benefits?

NaturZinc® | What is it and it's benefits?
What is NaturZinc®?

NaturZinc®, an applied science, is an essential mineral with phenomenal anti-aging properties. It regenerates and protects the skin while reducing odor through its antibacterial properties. Hypoallergenic and gentle, it’s perfectly suited for those with acne or sensitive skin. It keeps your bedding fresh and your skin healthy.

NaturZinc® Characteristics:
  • Zinc Oxide has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, which help regenerate the skin. 
  • NaturZinc® has antibacterial properties, therefore, SensibleRest bedding prevents bacterial infections by reducing the chance of contaminants from penetrating the mattress and skin.
  • Since it's an anti-inflammatory, SensibleRest bedding works for people who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema and they are very effective at fighting irritation, preventing inflammation, and reducing the chances of skin breakouts.
  • The ultra-soft finishing of SensibleRest protects the skin cells from being damaged and prevents skin dryness. Therefore it provides a natural freshness and long-term comfort to your skin.

Zinc is an essential mineral to the human body and is packed with endless amounts of benefits. Refer to our article on the benefits of zinc for more information.

When it comes to health and comfort, our bedding with NaturZinc® outstands among the rest. Zinc Oxide, the natural key ingredient, is generally used to heal skin and may even act as a protective layer keeping pathogens out. That’s why it is often used in other applications, like in the skincare and cosmetic industries. For all of these reasons, SensibleRest fitted sheets and pillowcases are the best option to keep you, your bed, and your mattress healthy and protected.

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