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What is Temperature Regulating Bedding?

What is Temperature Regulating Bedding?

What is temperature regulating bedding?

Temperature regulating bedding is bedding that is designed to balance and regulate the temperature to adjust to your body temperature. Temperature regulating bedding is designed to transport any excess warmth away from your body. It also prevents any perspiration and brings your body temperature to the perfect comfort zone for sleep with extra breathable material to help keep your body cool at night.

Whether you sleep hot or cold, temperature regulating sheets will manage your body temperature to keep a steady regular body temperature. The bedding fabric absorbs and stores excess heat from your body. When you cool off, it then releases the heat back to your body to maintain a consistent temperature all night long. These temperature regulating bedsheets are ideal for those who suffer from night sweats, chills, menopause, etc. No more freezing nights or sweaty sleep!

Bedding made with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers can naturally regulate your body temperature. Its highly breathable membrane keeps your skin feeling cool and dry, all night long.

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