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Your Bedding May Be Responsible For Your Acne

Your Bedding May Be Responsible For Your Acne
Are your bedsheets making you breakout?

If you're prone to acne, then you may be using endless amounts of skincare products, focusing on a healthier diet, and washing your face twice a day. These are all essential steps to having cleaner skin, however, your sheets may be responsible for your acne.

We shed millions of bacteria per hour onto our sheets. All of the oil, dirt and bacteria eventually build up and clog pores on the skin causing breakouts.

Gary Goldberg, M.D., a medical director of the Dermatology Faculty Practice at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, says, “Changing sheets daily may be a little too much work, but making sure your skin is in clean environment can definitely make a difference,” he says. “This goes along with cleansing your skin twice daily with a gentle wash, or salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide if you already have acne.”

Changing your sheets and pillowcases daily is a bit extreme. Another way to prevent from skin breakouts, is by changing to a better bedding fabric.

How can you prevent your sheets from breaking out?

Choosing the right material
Some sheet materials are better for acne-prone skin than others. Sheets that are more breathable and natural are better for the skin. Find sheets that are ultra-breathable and hypoallergenic, which can prevent bacterial growth on the fabric.

SensibleRest bedding is made from Eucalyptus fibers which allow the fabric to be more breathable and hypoallergenic. The fabric is also antibacterial and wicks away moisture, allowing the fabric to breathe and be a cleaner material for the skin. SensibleRest bedding also is infused with Zinc Oxide to help rejuvenate skin and make it feel softer. Zinc Oxide has been shown to reduce wrinkles, smoothen skin, reduce acne, and act as a anti-inflammatory for skin.

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