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The Dream Bed in Joshua Tree

The Dream Bed in Joshua Tree
Have you seen 'The Dream Bed?' Last week, we brought our #BedOnTheBeach Dream Bed to Joshua Tree!

We wanted to create an Instagram-worthy spot and decided to create 'The Dream Bed.' By using SensibleRest bedding we were able to create a dreamy boho experience!

Our first location was in San Diego, CA! We invited people to come create content on The Dream Bed! It was the perfect sunny day out in San Diego and there were a ton of people that came to check out what we had going on! From cute bikini pictures to fun, goofy photos between bros, it was a great experience and we had a lot of fun creating this event!

This time we were in Joshua Tree! Joshua Tree is already a surreal and dreamy location for photoshoots, hiking, and more. The beautiful desert landscape and funky Joshua Trees created an amazing look for our Dream Bed experience!

Check out the images we got on our Instagram @sensiblerest or #BedOnTheBeach!

We had so much fun that we decided to continue 'The Dream Bed' experience and our next event will be in San Diego again! Stay tuned for more fun content!

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