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Battle of the Bedding | Cotton, Silk, or Eucalyptus?

Battle of the Bedding | Cotton, Silk, or Eucalyptus?

Overwhelmed by the endless options to improve your skincare? Consider the bedding that you're sleeping on every night. Your bedding should be a crucial part of your skincare routine, especially considering you spend 8 hours a night on it. Here are some options and things to consider when making the switch to different fabrics.



Facial acne is primarily caused by excess oil, clogging of hair follicles, bacteria, and low levels of zinc. Cotton and silk are the worst fabrics to own because they cause acne to worsen over time. Not to mention, both materials are magnets for bacterial growth.



The primary reason for acne failing to go away is because of the unbreathable material of cotton pillowcases. Many people do not know that cotton is extremely rough and irritable on the skin which results in acne persisting or worsening throughout time. That bacteria is what most people lay on for 7 or more hours every night after a long day of sweating, rubbing, and being out in the sun.



Let’s chat silk pillowcases. So it’s helps maintain frizz but what’s it doing for your skin? People believe silk absorbs less moisture and dirt, which is true, however, it is not as effective as eucalyptus pillowcases. Silk does NOT have breathable material that cools, regulates body temperature, and wicks away moisture, which makes eucalyptus bedding a better, healthier, and longer lasting option.



Not only does eucalyptus have health benefits via aromatherapy, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties that helps heal inflamed, painful acne. The eucalyptus bedsheets stop the effect of bacteria growth and fungi which is a leading cause of acne for most people. To add, eucalyptus bedding is more breathable than cotton, and far more soft than linen. These bedding traits are essential in maintaining clear, youthful, and healthy skin.


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